Diana Chase is a glass artist with a strong sense of style and extensive experience in solving design questions. Following the completion of her B.A. in Advertising Design at University of North Texas, she worked as a designer at Bloom Advertising and for eight years as Senior Art Director at Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas. In the midst of a twenty-five year career as a freelance graphic designer she became fascinated with glass and its interaction with light. These magical properties eventually led her to study with glass artists all over the country until she developed her own distinct voice and unique way of combining multiple techniques. She employs fusing, slumping, flameworking, painting and casting to achieve the desired effects.

As an art director, she understands color and design. She appreciates the constraints of function and site specifics. Using a special method to adhere fused glass tiles to tempered glass allows her to fill large architectural spaces masterfully. She also works well in three dimensions, creating singular wall sconces and sculpture. Her affinity to nature shines through each piece. Her versatility with style and her sensitivity to all facets of design make her a top choice as an artist.

About the Artist:
Diana appreciates the many professional photographers, most of them life-long friends, who have taken pictures of her work through the years. They include Angela Poen, Courtney Roberts, Keith Wood, Kip Lott, Brian Fewell, Peter Kao, Doug Wright, Dan Walbridge, John Parrish, Neal Farris, Lee Emmert, Judy Walgren, J.R. Compton, and webhead Chad Evans.

She would also like to thank her sisters in art, Denise Magnall and Diana Savage for their huge contributuon to marketing and promoting her work. And without the world's most loyal clients like Robert Orenstein and Nancy Pfau, gifted designer Tina Syring, respected architect Frank Welch, sister Cindy Chase and her husband Mark Penkhus, and the many friend/collectors of her work, she would never have been able to realize her dream of being a glass artist.

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